CIS 5930-04 - Spring 2001 Part 2: Overview of Java


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CIS 5930-04 - Spring 2001 Part 2: Overview of Java

Plan of Java Tutorial

What is Java, in a Nutshell?

Java is an important language in the World

Java is also important in computer science

Architecture of Java Applications

Java Applications in a Nutshell

The Simplest Java Application: Hello,World!

Java Applets

Architecture of Java Applets

The Simplest Java Applet: Hello, World!

Displaying your applet from a Web page.

Java vs. JavaScript

Multi-tier Architecture

Overview and History of Java Development

History of Java Language and Team

History of Java Language and Team to Dec. 95

More Recent Java History

Overall Java Philosophy and Features

Some Key Java Features

Java Features—It's Simple and Familiar

Java Features—It's Object-oriented

Java Features—It's Architecture-Neutral

Java Features—It's Portable

Java Features—It's Somewhat Interpreted

Java Features—It's Robust

Java Features—It's (Hopefully) Secure

Java Features—High Performance

Java Features—It's Multithreaded

Java Features—It's Dynamic

Sun's Comparison of Language Features

The Java 2 Platform

Java Books—I

Java Books—II

Java Development Environments

Resources for the Java Programming Language

Author: Neil Jasper


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